Course Description

Digital accessibility refers to the practice of enabling all people to use a website or native application. It involves minimizing or removing restrictions in the use of technology due to barriers of ability: visual, auditory, speech, physical, or neurological. Learn how to consider accessibility in the design, planning, and marketing of websites, applications, and forms. Explore the principles of human-centred design and the universal design process in light of the unique requirements of rich media to become accessible for people with disabilities.

Learner Outcomes

After completing this course, students should be able to: Extend their current knowledge of disability to a more inclusive perspective. Explain the types and models of disability and the differences between adaptive strategy and assistive technology. Practice using specific assistive technology and gain familiarity with various types.  Experiment with manual and automated accessibility testing procedures. Demonstrate knowledge of common accessibility standards. Synthesize own best practices from standards, general guidelines, and case studies. Create an accessibility report and evaluate a website for accessibility issues.


  • This course delivery format is bichronous. 100% of course content is delivered online. Students engage in both asynchronous learning, coupled with scheduled synchronous sessions throughout the course. To view the schedule of the synchronous sessions, click the "view details" link under Schedule and Location on the course section.
  • EXSM 3929 - Digital Accessibility is 21 hours


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Digital Accessibility
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Online - Asynchronous
Oct 28, 2024 to Dec 15, 2024
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6:30PM to 7:15PM
Nov 01, 2024 to Dec 13, 2024
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